Online Magazine Trends for 2017

Gone are the days where passionate readers used to rely on physical books and magazines. With the advancement in technology, even the print publishers have turned their face towards the digital world. This is because most of the users nowadays are using multiple devices and platforms to consume the content. Therefore, old school way of physical books and magazines are no more the preferable to the media house.

Flipboard, InShorts and many other giants of websites and mobile applications are already disrupting the traditional media by innovating the way content is delivered. Millions of VC dollars are a proof of their success.

Ebooks were always the popular one when comes to the bookworms. But now has come the trend of online magazines as well. No doubt the seem to rule the world of book readers as they are comparatively more entertaining and more visual. This is the reason why they seem to appeal to a wider range of audience. Magazines packs a hell lot of information on various subjects including stories, articles and ads. Hereby, Digital magazines can be considered as a marketing tool, especially when the content is the king and the visual marketing has become so popular.

Features which are the result of the success of Online Magazines

Videos is also a part of regular news feed.

All of us know that the video consumption is at all-time high now. Videos has always succeeded in satisfying the customers by creating maximum of the impact on fans. Along with increasing the level of engagement, they are always being shared a lot on social sharing sites. In Fact the new Facebook timelines support videos. In the busy lives of people, the prefer to consume media more on their mobile devices and prefer watching their news instead of reading them physically.

The Less, The Precise! InShorts has started a trend of delivering news in 60 words and have got succeeded in impressing their audience with this new concept. Therefore, magazines are also replicating this trend, writing headlines with a tagline to give extra information about the story. Taglines are always the great as they people can skim through the main details and decide if they wanna read further or not. This trend is finding more acceptance with Mashable and TheNextWeb (TNW) supporting taglines for their stories.

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