What’s new in Ionic 3.0

Yes you heard it correct, native Ionic 3.0 has been launched, on 21st March’17. This newly launched framework version makes your life easy by using over 130 native mobile SDK features in your app through simple JavaScript interfaces, in a way that it works on all platforms, even web.

The major 2 improvements done in this version are :

  • Reducing the code bundle size: You only need to install plugins and with this native Ionic 3.0 version you will save significant space in your final code.
  • Making it browser compatible: This new version of Ionic is adding full support to your web making mobile app development easy. This in turn means that you can test any of 130 ionic native plugins and use them in browser. By using it in browser it makes it possible to build the entirety of your app in the browser or ionic serve without dealing with device or emulator testing, a level of development speed and agility that is unheard of in mobile.

Reducing code size and making it possible for you to develop your entire app in the browser by relying on native plugins is just step one. But what’s next stored in for next version is how to make easy to work with plugins that have browser APIs available.

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